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We, Dhananjay Creations, are the best Lehenga Style Sarees Manufacturers in Jaipur. We have all of the latest styles and types of lehenga sarees in store for you. This is a saree that combines the look of a Lehenga with the drapes of a saree. The outfit offers a strong sense of its generations-long cultural essence and ethnic identity.

If you look for Lehenga sarees, there is a wide range of products that you shall come across. Buy Lehenga Style Saree Online in Jaipur. To help you explore through the massive numbers better, we present a breakdown of the most popular types of Lehenga Sarees –

  • A-Line Lehenga Saree – This particular type of a Lehenga is tighter around the waist and flared as it flows at the bottom.
  • Fishtail Lehenga – This outfit has been designed to fit best at the waist up till the knees, and beyond that, there is a small flare giving the bottom a fish-like appearance.
  • Paneled Lehenga – The mixture of horizontal panels are mixed together to create and add volume to the huge flare of the Lehenga.


For women, it is at times hard to change into heavy outfits like sarees quickly and still look your best. The varying styles of designer lehenga sarees allow you the freedom of choice and experimentation. So if you are planning to rock an event with your stunning lehenga saree look, we, Dhananjay Creations, are the best place to search for your ideal lehenga sarees online. We are the best Designer Lehenga Sarees Suppliers in Jaipur.

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Rich Pallu with All-Over Golden Zari Weaving Flower Butta Design Saree

MRP 2898.00
MOQ 100
Product Code 45130
Fabric Type Banarasi Soft Silk
Saree Length 5.5 meters
Blouse Length 0.8 meters
Colour 1

The pallu is the decorative end-piece of the saree that drapes over the shoulder.Zari is a type of thread made of fine gold or silver used in traditional Indian weaving. "All-over" suggests that the zari weaving covers the entire saree, adding a shimmering and luxurious look to the fabric.

  • Weaved throughout the entire saree.
  • Motif or pattern that repeats across the fabric
  • Features flower motifs.
  • Opulent and luxurious appearance.
  • special occasions or formal events in Indian culture.


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Shopping at Dhananjay Creation has completely elevated my skillset, my creativity and my understanding of how fabric works on the body- their beautiful, high quality textiles have both challenged and inspired me, and I wouldn’t be the maker I am today without them!

Jasika Nicolesis, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Jasika Nicolesis, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Dhananjay Creation has rapidly become my favourite place to order fabric online. I can shop safe in the knowledge that the fabrics will be top quality and true to the thorough online description. Fast shipping plus something to suit every project from everyday basics to ball gown!

Fioza Parker, Dorking, U.K
Fioza Parker, Dorking, U.K

Every time my package arrives I am amazed at the quality of the fabrics. I know that the fabrics are well made from orders in the past, but I am still surprised every time I get my package. They all wash beautifully including the merino wool! The color selection for the linens and wools is always super up to date and stylish. I am so inspired to immediately start sewing with all fabrics when they come in, which is not something I can always say! Also, the garments have great longevity in my wardrobe and are still hanging around in my closet after multiple purges. I just love this Dhananjay store!

Lucille Anne, Alabama, USA
Lucille Anne, Alabama, USA
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