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We, Dhananjay Creations,  are the esteemed Bandhani Sarees Manufacturers in Mumbai. Indian women are highly drawn to the traditional garb. We all know that it brings out our natural beauty in the best possible way. Buy Bandhani Saree Online from us at best prices in Mumbai

We, Dhananjay Creations, add yet another feather to our cap with our all-new sarees collection. These sarees in India boast of lovely tie-and-dye art that different people specialise in. The fabric is fixed securely at multiple points and dyed to produce various interesting patterns. We make the process of shopping extremely easy with many various shopping options to help you narrow down on your top choices on the basis of cost, colour, brand, fabric etc. We are the best Traditional Bandhani Sarees Suppliers in Mumbai.

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Artistry Unveiled Meenakari Weaving on Soft Silk Saree desing saree

MRP 3598.00
MOQ 100
Fabric Type Banarasi Soft Silk
Saree Length 5.5 Meter
Blouse Length 0.8 Meter
Colour 4
Product Code 169

The rich pallu, embellished with opulent Meenakari weaving, adds a touch of grandeur to the saree, elevating its elegance and allure. The borders, intricately adorned with beautiful Meenakari weaving, frame the saree with grace and sophistication, enhancing its beauty manifold. This saree is not just a piece of clothing; it's a work of art that reflects the rich cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship of India. Draping oneself in such a masterpiece is akin to adorning oneself with a piece of history and tradition, exuding grace, poise, and timeless beauty. Meenakari, a traditional art form involving the intricate detailing of vibrant enamel colors, brings alive the fabric with its intricate designs and patterns.

  • Soft silk saree adorned with Meenakari weaving motifs
  • Rich pallu featuring intricate Meenakari with zari weaving
  • Beautiful Meenakari weaving border framing the saree
  • Vibrant enamel colors depicting intricate designs and patterns
  • Mastery of craftsmanship showcased through detailed motifs

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Shopping at Dhananjay Creation has completely elevated my skillset, my creativity and my understanding of how fabric works on the body- their beautiful, high quality textiles have both challenged and inspired me, and I wouldn’t be the maker I am today without them!

Jasika Nicolesis, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Jasika Nicolesis, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Dhananjay Creation has rapidly become my favourite place to order fabric online. I can shop safe in the knowledge that the fabrics will be top quality and true to the thorough online description. Fast shipping plus something to suit every project from everyday basics to ball gown!

Fioza Parker, Dorking, U.K
Fioza Parker, Dorking, U.K

Every time my package arrives I am amazed at the quality of the fabrics. I know that the fabrics are well made from orders in the past, but I am still surprised every time I get my package. They all wash beautifully including the merino wool! The color selection for the linens and wools is always super up to date and stylish. I am so inspired to immediately start sewing with all fabrics when they come in, which is not something I can always say! Also, the garments have great longevity in my wardrobe and are still hanging around in my closet after multiple purges. I just love this Dhananjay store!

Lucille Anne, Alabama, USA
Lucille Anne, Alabama, USA
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