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We, at Dhananjay Creations, are the top notch Fancy Sarees Manufacturers in Rajasthan. Sarees occupy a major part of Indian fashion. When carried with a well-stitched blouse, it is sure to make anyone look beautiful. Tying a saree is indeed an art. A fancy saree looks elegant only if it is worn properly. 

Find The Right Type Of Sarees

Opt for the Fancy Sarees Online Shopping in Rajasthan. There are numerous types of sarees available for you to choose from. You can decide on the perfect one based on the occasion and your preference. Here are types of sarees you should know about before you buy a fancy saree.

Why A women Fancy Saree Is The Perfect Attire

sarees are first one on everyone’s list, If you talk about ethnic outfits. And that is why they are the perfect attire.

  • A New Look Every Day
  • Effortless Elegance
  • Perfect For All Occasions
  • Sophistication With No Hassle

Fancy sarees with blouses are available in all kinds of fabrics. You can opt for the most convenient one based on the season. The materials and fabrics used in these designer sarees are of the best grade. These fabrics are super-soft yet very strong, which ensures soothing effects on the skin while being durable. We are the Fancy Sarees for Wedding Suppliers in Rajasthan.

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Stunning Golden Zari Heavy Border Saree for Special Occasions Desing Saree

MRP 2998.00
MOQ 100
Fabric Type Banarasi Soft Silk
Saree Length 5.5 Mtr
Blouse Length 0.8 Mtr
Colour 1
Product Code 50103

Rich and heavy, adorned with intricate golden zari weaving, adding a regal touch. Fancy and heavy, featuring golden zari work that enhances the overall elegance of the saree. The saree features an all-over box design with butta scattered throughout, adding texture and visual interest. Typically made from high-quality silk or a silk blend, ensuring a rich drape and lustrous finish. The wide and ornate border adds a grand and traditional look. The use of golden zari thread enhances the saree’s richness and makes it stand out. The box design gives a structured and symmetrical pattern, providing a modern touch to the traditional attire. Small butta motifs are intricately woven into the fabric, adding an extra layer of detail and elegance. This saree is perfect for weddings, festivals, and other special occasions where you want to make a statement with your attire.

  • High-quality silk or a silk blend

  • Heavy border for a grand, traditional look

  • Golden zari weaving enhances richness

  • Box design for a structured, symmetrical pattern

  • Butta motifs add extra detail and elegance

  • Special occasions where you want to make a statement

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Rich Golden Pallu Banarasi Silk Saree with Intricate Temple Border

MRP 2998.00
MOQ 100
Fabric Type Banarasi Soft Silk
Saree Length 5.5 Mtr
Blouse Length 0.8 Mtr
Colour 2
Product Code 5095

The pallu in a rich golden hue adds a regal touch, making it suitable for festive occasions and weddings. The border often features intricate designs reminiscent of temple architecture, adding a traditional and cultural element to the saree. A traditional bindi can enhance the overall ethnic appeal. elegant bun adorned with fresh flowers or a hair accessory can complete the look. Banarasi silk sarees are best maintained by dry cleaning to preserve their sheen and intricate work. Adds a regal touch, ideal for festive occasions and weddings. Comfortable yet stylish options to elevate the outfit.

  • Aligns well with the temple border motifs.

  • Comfortable yet stylish options to elevate the outfit.

  • Similar shade of gold with complementary temple border designs for a cohesive look.

  • Features intricate designs inspired by temple architecture.

  • Ensures comfort while maintaining a luxurious texture and sheen

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Traditional Elegance Kanjivaram Silk Saree with Self-Weaving Design

MRP 4100.00
MOQ 100
Fabric Type Kanjivaram Soft Silk
Saree Length 5.5 Mtr
Blouse Length 0.8 Mtr
Colour 12
Product Code 10070

This Kanjivaram saree epitomizes traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist. The soft silk fabric ensures comfort while the copper zari weaving adds a touch of opulence. The self-weaving design across the saree provides a subtle yet sophisticated look. The rich pallu with its intricate zari patterns and the contrasting border enhance the overall aesthetic, making it a perfect choice for festive occasions and celebrations. The attached tassels at the pallu end add a final touch of elegance. Copper zari weaving design with intricate self-weaving patterns throughout the saree. Attached at the end of the pallu for an elegant finish.

  • Richly woven with zari, featuring an elaborate design.

  • Contrast border with detailed zari weaving.

  • Copper zari weaving adds a touch of opulence.

  • Rich pallu with intricate zari patterns.

  • Perfect for festive occasions and celebrations.

  • Tassels at the pallu end add a touch of elegance.

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Stunning Soft Silk Saree with All-Over Copper Zari Motifs Desing Saree

MRP 3500.00
MOQ 100
Fabric Type Soft Silk
Saree Length 5.5 Mtr
Blouse Length 0.8 Mtr

The body of the saree features intricate copper zari weaving. Zari is a type of thread made of fine gold, but in this case, copper-colored zari is used, giving the saree a rich and warm hue. The weaving can include traditional motifs like paisleys, flowers, leaves, or geometric patterns. This part of the saree often showcases the most intricate designs, making it a focal point when draped.Complement the saree with traditional jewelry like gold or copper-toned pieces to match the zari. Ideal for weddings, festive celebrations, or any grand event where you want to make a statement.

  • Intricate copper zari weaving across the saree body

  • Traditional motifs like paisleys, flowers, leaves, or geometric patterns

  • Elaborate copper zari weaving on the pallu

  • Perfect for weddings, festive celebrations, and grand events

  • Complement with traditional gold or copper-toned jewelry

  • Best method to maintain silk and zari work

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Shopping at Dhananjay Creation has completely elevated my skillset, my creativity and my understanding of how fabric works on the body- their beautiful, high quality textiles have both challenged and inspired me, and I wouldn’t be the maker I am today without them!

Jasika Nicolesis, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Jasika Nicolesis, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Dhananjay Creation has rapidly become my favourite place to order fabric online. I can shop safe in the knowledge that the fabrics will be top quality and true to the thorough online description. Fast shipping plus something to suit every project from everyday basics to ball gown!

Fioza Parker, Dorking, U.K
Fioza Parker, Dorking, U.K

Every time my package arrives I am amazed at the quality of the fabrics. I know that the fabrics are well made from orders in the past, but I am still surprised every time I get my package. They all wash beautifully including the merino wool! The color selection for the linens and wools is always super up to date and stylish. I am so inspired to immediately start sewing with all fabrics when they come in, which is not something I can always say! Also, the garments have great longevity in my wardrobe and are still hanging around in my closet after multiple purges. I just love this Dhananjay store!

Lucille Anne, Alabama, USA
Lucille Anne, Alabama, USA
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